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Test the simulation vs real estate, gold, FDs & NIFTY

How does it work?

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Safe & Trustworthy platform

Direct transfer to MF

The payment gateway directly sends
your money to the respective mutual funds
We never have access to your assets

You always have control

You can direct access your assets from MF Utilities
if you like

No kickbacks

We do not take a sales commission from
the mutual fund. We directly charge you.
Our incentive is to work for you.

SEBI & AMFI registered

We are registered with SEBI and AMFI

Pay only if you like it

We charge you only 0.125% per quarter
You pay us using your credit card
only if you are satisfied after the quarter

Execution through MF Utilities

MF Utilities Private Limited is owned by
SEBI registered AMCs under the ageis of
AMFI (Association of Mutual Funds India)

Beats alternatives

Traditional advisors

High time investment
No objective tracking of performance

Mutual fund distributor advisory

Strong incentive to sell high fee funds
Little focus on your needs

Self managed Mutual Funds

High time investment and re-balancing
requires lots of discipline.

Fund of funds

Risk is not tailored for your needs.

Direct self managed stocks

Very high time investment
Not viable without large amounts of capital

Discretionary managed account

Low chances of out performance
High and hidden fee structures
High time investment

Pocket the extra

Could have 40 Lakhs extra on a 25 Lakh investment over 20 years

Low cost

Why pay someone to underperform?
Low cost = 2x or more over 20 years

Reassess on time

Timely investment review optimizes returns
no stress of delaying decisions

Save Taxes

Why pay 15% when you can pay 0%?
No expensive tax consultants

Optimal return vs risk

Risk & return tailored for you
Mathematically optimized

The intangibles

    Save Time


    Setup <30 minutes & only 5 minutes/month

    Based on Nobel prize winning theory


    Modern portfolio theory

    No emotional decisions


    Little stress = better health