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We are always in search of new talented authors looking to get their content, thoughts, & opinions distributed to our readers.

What you need to write for us:

  • A keen interest in finance & business
  • A penchant for reading finance blogs, newspapers, and viral publications
  • Deep understanding of what people want and what can go viral

How to submit?

Please register to be a contributor here and submit a minimum of 3 original articles. You can send in examples of your past work & your contact information at If you want a one off contribution we can publish it as a guest post. If you are interested in consistently contributing – we can talk about a commercial arrangement as well. If you need help with topics please email us and we will give you some topics.

What topics can I write about?

Anything directly or indirectly related to business & finance.

What are we looking for as content?

  • All content should be positive
  • All content should be relevant to Indian readers in the fields of business, finance, economy, or luxury
  • Absolutely no plagiarism
  • Atleast 3 images – with a featured image. You should have license to publish the image.
  • Original thought & opinion
  • Accuracy of your claims, facts and figures
  • Word count between 500 to 1000 words

What should be completely avoided?

  • Overly complex posts that regular people will not understand
  • Promotional content
  • Attacks – anything that blames anyone for anything is an attack
  • Keyword marketing or paid links
  • Anything that infringes on anyone’s intellectual property

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