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Equity Investments offer a faster and smoother path to financial freedom than real estate: Here’s Why

Your Home is Not an Investment !

When it comes to the choice of investment vehicles – different people have different preferences – some are firmly in the real estate camp, while others sear by equities. At Wixifi, we believe that a prudent asset allocation across asset classes in essential to achieve financial freedom without losing one’s sleep. Having said that, we

Why is a Stock Index Replication Strategy Better than ETFs in the Indian Market Scenario?

An Index Replication Strategy is Beneficial

Before we get into why a Stock Index Replication Strategy is Better than ETFs, let us understand what ETFs are. What is an ETF? The goal of an ETF or Exchange Traded Fund is to get exposure to an index (stock, commodity or debt market index) without paying a high fee. ETFs are actively traded

Why Should You Choose Fee Only Financial Planners Over Commission Based Advisors

Let Your Portfolio Soar Higher with Fee Only Planners and Direct Plans

A fee only advisor is one who is paid only by the client and makes no money based on commissions or kickbacks from mutual funds, insurers, security sales or from sale of any financial products. On the other hand, a commission based advisor (kickback advisor) receives fees from clients for financial planning and also receives

5 Reasons Why Rebalancing Your Portfolio is Imperative

Effective Portfolio Rebalancing Ensures Superior Returns

Creating an investment plan and sticking to it by keeping emotions at bay is the first step towards building a robust portfolio. An equally important step is periodic portfolio rebalancing. Rebalancing is the act of switching (selling and buying) portions of investment from one asset class to another (typically from equities to debt and vice

Get Superior Returns by Keeping Emotions at Bay !

The Volatility in Nifty !

Investment is essentially “10% Reason and 90% Emotion”. This is especially true in a volatile asset class such as equities. One keeps hearing about Black Mondays and Terrible Thursdays followed by how retail investors have left the markets in droves! In fact, if you look at the graph below, you will see that the Nifty

What is Wixifi?

What is Wixifi

We solve the overwhelming complexity in wealth management by providing an automated app to help you manage your money as well (or even better) than the super rich do.    

10 reasons why passive beats active investing

Passive vs Active

Passive investing typically beats active over the long run. You are probably wondering: What is passive investing? Passive investing is a long term buy and hold strategy where that tracks an index or a basket of indices. An index is a basket of stocks that is used to track the progress of the overall market,