How To Invest Money?


Investing money rather than letting it sit in the bank is one of the many decisions that most people make with their excess finances. Setting up a savings account is not bad but investing the money instead offers a chance to increase the amount significantly allowing the investor to cope better with rising economic costs. Investing is however

Where To Invest – Part-2


Indian stock market indices have managed to post decent gains in the last couple of months. If you have missed this rally, and still wondering where to put in the money for getting decent returns, here are some of the investment options: Debt funds Debt funds make a better investment alternative over the fixed deposits. They are

Where To Invest safely?


While investors are particular in their search for safe investment alternatives, it’s vital to know that safe investment alternatives don’t really exist in any part of the world. The safest investment should typically be government bonds. Another safe alternative is a savings bank account, but it won’t earn a decent return. The money in savings bank account won’t

Know About Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana

samriddhi yojana1

The innovative Sukanya Samriddhi Yojana introduced by the Modi Government for the financial security of girl child has been listed in the most attractive small savings plan. So far, more than 76 lakh accounts have been recorded accounting for more than Rs 3,000 crores. Recently, the plan has faced a few tweaks, as the Government has addressed few

ELSS vs PPF: The tax saving schemes dilemma


During the tax-saving period, where to invest in, ELSS or PPF is a theme of debate. Conservative investors find investing in PPF as a better option while advocates of equity investments identify ELSS as the best investment platform. A number of people inexplicably get into this argument during the last quarter of fiscal year. The highlights Apart from

What Is Your Pick: ELSS Or ULIP?

elss or ulip

Today investors have numerous instruments for investment available in the market. However, the major question is that amongst these many options, which investment instrument best fits as per individual needs. Take the case of 30-year- old Mahesh Arora, who is in a dilemma whether to put his funds in an Equity Linked Saving Scheme or a Unit Linked


National Pension Scheme - Neational Pension system

National Pension System (NPS) or more commonly referred to as National Pension Scheme is a government approved pension system regulated by Pension Funds Regulatory Development Authority (PFRDA) for Indian citizens in the age group of 18-60. This falls under the broad category of tax advantaged investments (rather than tax free investments). While it is compulsory

Best Sip Plans

SIP plans

Best Sip Plans: Are They Worth It? A mutual fund scheme that consistently surpasses its category returns, and also the returns of its benchmarks, is termed as a good mutual fund plan. Equity SIPs are considered as one of the best SIP plans that can be used as wealth generating investment tools for meeting long-term financial objectives like



RECURRING DEPOSITS: RD Calculator “Recurring Deposit is a special kind of Term Deposit offered by banks in India which help people with regular incomes to deposit a fixed amount every month into their Recurring Deposit account and earn interest at the rate applicable to Fixed Deposits” – This is the wiki definition of RD and probably the most

Taxes In India


Types of Taxes In India There exist different types of taxes in India which are levied by the State Government and Central Government. Then there are some taxes which are introduced by the local governing bodies like the Local Council and the Municipality. In India, the government has to formulate fiscal policies to boost the development and economic