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Exempt Income


Exempt Income There are various deductions, rebates and other benefits available in the Income Tax Act. 1961 although the simplest to understand and take benefit of is Section 10 of the Income Tax Act 1961 which primarily deals with most of the Exempt Incomes. These Incomes are directly exempt and are not considered at all while computing

PPF accounts & PPF Calculators: 10 questions you should have about


PPF accounts & PPF Calculators: 10 questions you should have about Public Provident Fund (PPF), by definition, is a long-term savings scheme. Constituted under the ‘PPF Act of 1968’, it is a plan offered by the Central Government. It was initially introduced by the Government as it wanted to offer retirement security to workers in the unorganized segment

10 Mistakes Investors Should Avoid

investing mistake

10 Mistakes Investors Should Avoid Investing can be much simpler than many believe. Just by following a basic set of rules and evading the risks even an inexperienced investor can turn into a successful investor. Below listed are the ten top mistakes that investors should avoid for strengthening their portfolio: Mistake 1: No diversification As it is

8 Secrets Of Retirement Planning


8 Secrets Of Retirement Planning Many people want to retire in their late forties, but only some of them are in a position to actually take a retirement at that age. They don’t have a net worth and own much debt that need to be repaid before retirement. In such a state, it becomes almost impossible taking a

Demystifying mutual fund SIPs

Create wealth

Demystifying mutual fund SIPs Over a long-term period, investments in equity have offered returns which far surpassed gains from the debt instruments and real estate. It is considered as the only investment tool, which helps investors create significant wealth. However, the problem is equities display sharp volatilities, which at times lead to big losses in short-term. Also, investment

#France urges global coalition to fight Islamic state #Paris


French President Francois Hollande upped its ante against Islamic state urging Russia and USA to join for a global coalition. The move came in the backdrop of terrorist attacks across Paris, as he declared that France is at war. He promised to increase funds for national security and strengthen anti-terrorist laws. He pledged that French

#IndianRailways doubles minimum train fare


Indian Railways has increased minimum train passenger fare to Rs.10 from Rs.5 as it decided to increase the minimum chargeable fare at par with platform ticket from November 20. Indian Railways had revised platform tickets to Rs.10 from Rs.5 in April 2015 to control the platform rush. However, sales for platform tickets declined as people opted

Rising from the Ashes: #BSNL turns profitable

BSNL Deepika

India’s oldest and largest CSP BSNL – has turned over its fortunes in 2015 as it reported an operating profit of Rs. 672 crore, after posting a loss of Rs.691 crores in previous fiscal year. The company gained on the back of rise in revenues and decline in administrative costs. The company plans capital expenditure

#President urges award receivers to cherish and value the awards #Intolerance #PranabMukherjee

NEW DELHI/INDIA, 10NOV09 - Minister of Finance Pranab Mukherjee in the Plenary Session Post-Crisis Economic Order: How Can Free Market and control be Balanced? Participants captured during the World Economic Forum's India Economic Summit 2009 held in New Delhi, 8-10 November 2009. 

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President Pranab Mukherjee today urged writers and other intellectuals to value the awards and not overrun with emotions. While giving away awards of PTI to journalists and photographers, he said that these prestigious awards are public recognition of their talent, merit and hard work. Referring to the incidents of returning of awards over “growing intolerance”,

A pillar of global growth; #India to lead the world #G20Turkey #NaMo


Narendra Modi projected India as a pillar of global growth and stability at the G20 Working Lunch on Development and Climate Change at Antalya. Addressing the heads of world G20 economies he said that given our size and scale, India can become a pillar of global growth and stability. He further added that India has