Decade-long indigenous #defence manufacturing to fund #education #NaMo

FILE - In this Thursday, Sept. 25, 2014, file photo, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi addresses business leaders as he launches his "Make in India" initiative, in New Delhi, prior to his scheduled departure to the United States. A human rights group has sued Modi in New York for what it says was his complicity in sectarian violence in his country in 2002. (AP Photo/Saurabh Das, File)

PM Narendra Modi emphasized on developing “local technology” to strengthen the nation’s defense manufacturing base. The move is expected to help India reduce its defense budget by 50% within a decade. Modi further added that the money saved would be pumped into education sector. He also released an ’IMPRINT’ India brochure, prepared by Pan-IIT and IISc joint initiative, to solve challenges in 10 technology domains. The PM added that India’s issues will remain unresolved as long as we are dependent on outside technology. He also emphasized on the need to strengthen primary and higher education to help build the nation.


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