The company

Wixifi is the only robo investment advisory service in India. It advises you on how to build a well-diversified, periodically rebalanced tax optimized low cost portfolio through a web platform (and mobile app in the future). The algorithm analyses thousands of securities to come up with a suitable portfolio for each risk level.

The product: Wixifi

Risk profiling

The product starts up with a detailed risk profiling exercise that has been reduced down to minutes via excellent design. Once the information about the user is collected the system provides the user with a detailed risk report that is then used to calculate the investment portfolio required.

The fully automated fund allocation system

The Wixifi fund allocation system is based on mean variance optimization and is performed after an exhaustive risk assessment study done on your particular situation. The system allows you to take higher risk only if your risk profile allows it. It generates a mathematically crafted optimal solution for each client instantaneously.

Ethical fees

Wixifi charges only the client – no kickbacks from anyone - mutual funds, banks or insurers. This is an industry leading ethical model. Several mutual fund distributors in India claim to be “FREE” robo advisors whereas their fee is being paid by the mutual fund houses. That creates a principal agent problem that culminates in high fee funds being pushed into your portfolio. Please contact Wixifi for more information.

The investment advisor


Ishaan Gupta, Founder & Managing Partner


Ishaan is an experienced value investor and is a strong advocate of using technology to deliver world class products. He founded Wixifi in 2015 to make index investing accessible to everyone and popular across the globe. Prior to Wixifi he was Managing director of an auto parts manufacturing company, where he turned a family business into a professionally managed company well respected amongst its peers and customers. He has held a number of roles in the financial industry including the Citigroup Investment Bank and QVT, a new York based hedge fund. His blog on value investing (www.igvalue.com) is very popular in the value investing community in India. He holds an MSc and BSc in Electrical and computer engineering from University of Illinois, at Urbana Champaign.

Brand Assets & Usage

If you are from the press we thank you for your interest in wixifi. Please feel free to use our brand assets (with a few rules as described here) in your articles about us. We look forward to reading your work. If you have questions please do not hesitate to write to us at press@wixifi.com.

Screenshots of the application


Talking points

Thank you for thinking about writing about us. Here are some interesting things to talk about:

Wixifi is a highly ethical investment advisor acting will full fiduciary responsibility always 100% in the clients’ interest. They do not accept any compensation based on financial product sales. Globally this is slowly becoming a requirement. For example here is a Forbes article on the US advisor market.

Wixifi gives you a massive advantage on fees and low cost investing through direct plan mutual funds. Just the difference in the fees between Direct Plans and Regular Plans gives you a huge advantage.

Wixifi’s algorithm is based on Nobel Prize winning theories that are mathematically sound and tested world over. There are a few robo-advisory services globally – especially in the US and UK that use mathematical models but Wixifi is the first to do so in India. In addition Wixifi is the only service to offer a simulated historical portfolio with detailed position information at any time over the last 7 years.

Assets of robo advisors are gabout-rowing globally at a breathtaking pace – 65% growth from just April 2014 till December 2015. Why should you be left behind? Make sure you find a fee only, low cost, mathematically sound robo-advisor.